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Today I joined Leonie and Teresa and about 15 other lovely ladies on a beautiful stroll through the Blue Mountains national park and up the famous Giant Staircase…


This was a biggie for me… you see Im a bit precious, and I have never really had to drive myself anywhere, I have a husband for that, so heading off alone and driving by myself for over an hour up the mountains was a bit nerve wracking.. I know it sounds silly, Ive been driving for over 22years and have been the family taxi for most of that time but I normally have someone else with me or John drives….


Leonie had set up an event and although I really don’t like stairs, I have never driven to Katoomba alone before but  I figured it would be a great challenge and I would get so see some of my fave gals… Now just to clarify things I really HATE stairs… I mean I don’t even walk up the 6 flights of stairs to work.. they have a lift for that…


I was using this as my  week 4 mini milestone for round 2 and I was determined to do this so alone I went… and you guessed it… I survived the drive… first part of the challenge done… now onto these stairs… hmm I don’t really like stairs


It was bloody freezing when I arrived at Katoomba 8 degrees  ( It has snowed the day before )


We set off from Scenic World and headed down the furber steps – 600 steps down to the valley floor – beautiful gorgeous scenery in every direction, then a lovely 2.5km walk along a path to arrive at the bottom of the Giant Staircase. 1000 steps from the valley floor to the top of the 3 sisters lookout at Katoomba.. sounds fun right!!….




Lets just break it down  – Giant  Staircase –

GIANT ( adj – Huge, ,Massive, Enormous, colossal, oversize . gigantic ) STAIRCASE ( a set of stairs in a building or other including the banister that you hold onto when you go up or down)

Ok so it’s an Enormous colossal over size gigantic set of stairs, with a handrail ( yeah handrail ?? that’s helpful )                                                                                         


OMFG..I HATE stairs ……  I mean really who’s bright idea was it to stick 1000 stairs up the side of a friggen mountain I really HATE stairs    … I lost count after about 20 stairs and had to concentrate solely on breathing and staying alive…. did I mention that I REALLY HATE STAIRS!!!

Thank goodness the lovely Teresa was with me, I swear if I had of been alone they would have found me curled up in the fetal position crying like a baby waiting for a rescue helicopter….


Now Im not afraid of heights, so that part was fine, and to be honest the views from the staircase are stunning, but OMG those stairs… SHIT… they just seen to go on forever and ever ……. I am sure if I had of known what they would be like I would have come up with some excuse to back out..


BUT  I didn’t back out and I didn’t die… although at times it felt like I was close.. and I made it to the top…. I was quite funny actually we stopped for a break just after the 3 sisters lookout platform.. the altitude must have had some effect on my brain because I should have realised that the lookout platform was near the actual lookout which is the top!!!, anyway we stayed there panting and sweating like animals for a good 5 mins before heading off again… 2 more flights up and it was all over.. we had made it to the top…


I had read and heard about people having a spiritual moment after conquering a fear… that’s what it was like for me… the relief of finishing and the realisation that I had actually done it was so overwhelming and intense…. I had never been prouder of myself……A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders… I did it, I drove myself alone and I conquered those bloody stairs…. and I survived to tell the tale, and to do it all again and again…