The story of a dress…..

A few weeks ago I went out and bought a dress for finale……..

The shop was closing down and all the dresses were reduced…..

I tried on a few different dresses and found one that I kinda liked and fitted! BUT it had an big open back and I kept thinking about my knickers and suck em in undies being on display if things moved around a bit.. so no go on the blue on….  and besides it already fitted where is the fun in THAT

For some reason I was feeling particularly brave and decided to buy a dress that was too small with the hope that I would fit into it by Finale… ( which was 8 weeks away )

I couldnt get the clip done up.. … GULP !!

this is the story in pics of the dress  fingers crossed by week 12 it fits.. 🙂

The one that fit…

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The ONE I got                                                                                

Week 5 and the clip does up  ( just ) YAY

Week 6 and the zip does up just a smidge more

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One thought on “The story of a dress…..

  1. Beautiful dress and after talking to you I have no doubt that you will get into that dress !!!!!! You go girl

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