Ok so Im a bit late with getting these done BUT as the saying goes its better late than never

This round I am again focusing on FITNESS not weight loss… THE SCALES ARE JUST A NUMBER

I am focusing on improving my running, and keeping organised..






Stop Bloody Smoking!! Again…

To Achieve this I will

Stay strong and focused. Make signs up to hang around the house to remind me how much I want this, when the cravings become bad

Keep a chart of money saved to keep me motivated.

Reward myself with $10 per day into my goal weight shopping spree fund.

I have just set my quit date as 29/11 – and aim to cut down until this date then stop from this date on..




Look after ME

Learn to listen to my body and recognise the signs it gives me

Allow myself to look after me without feeling guilty

To Achieve this I will

Mediate daily, schedule a time for myself to have 5-10mins to just sit, relax and breathe.

Listen to my motivational Cd’s

Take a relaxing bath when needed

Swap a coffee for a herbal tea

Get a massage or facial or similar when I feel I need it


Weight Loss / Nutrition


To get to as close to a a healthy BMI

10 kg loss will take me to the upper limit of healthy bmi 24.7

To Achieve this I will

Follow the menu plan as closely as possible

Plan every meal including cooking / prep time every Thursday – MAKE THE TIME TO KEEP ORGANISED

Bulk cook as many meals as possible for lazy days / emergencies

Take all food for work from home to avoid impulse buys

Plan meals around shift times so I am not coming home starving at 10pm

Keep all Junk food out of the house or well labelled with the calories


Meal times for shift work


7am – Breakfast

10 am – Snack

1pm Lunch

3pm Snack

6pm Dinner

8pm Herbal Tea

10pm – Bed



9am Breakfast

12pm Snack

3pm Lunch

5pm Snack

8pm Dinner

10pm Herbal Tea

12am – Bed




3pm Breakfast

6pm Snack

9pm Lunch

11pm Snack

3am Dinner

6am Herbal Tea

8am Bed


Plan and do EVERY exercise session – MAKE THE TIME!!    NO EXCUSES!!!  JFDI!!

Plan every session smartly, Diarise and plan EVERY session

For morning shift –  do it AS soon as you get home

For afternoon shift – do it 1st thing in the morning

For night Shift – If you can do it all after waking THEN do a shorter session after waking and another session when you get home before sleeping

Days off – First thing in morning

Go to every Coffee Club run that I am not working

Set up SSS events for every Saturday regardless of shift… work around it….

Reward myself for each week I complete EVERY session


Weekly Rewards – for completing every session

Manicure / Pedicure



$30 into goal weight shopping spree savings

New piece of workout gear


Running / Cardio


To be able to run 10 kms without stopping

How I will achieve this

Follow learn to run 10k program

Join / Start run club training

Set weekly distance goals and rewards

Attend every Coffee Club run session that I can and push myself HARD!!




Do TTT and GGG in conjunction with 12wbt programs

Set aside time EVERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY to do them




Use my exercise chart – give myself a gold star for every workout.

Print out my running chart and keep it on my inspirational wall

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