The Paralysis of Analysis

Ok guys apologies in advance for the novel length of this one.. but that is what my blog is for to get all of the stuff OUT OF MY HEAD…

So I have signed back up for 12wbt and it is now time to tackle our preseason tasks for round 4

The first pre season task is GET REAL – NO MORE EXCUSES – you need to write down all of the excuses you use and a plan or solution to avoid using them again.

Now Im currently doing round 3 ( we are now up to week 10 ) and to be honest I have not really followed the program too much, Ill have weeks where I go gung ho and follow  the program ( nutrition wise ) to a tee then other weeks where I just dont!! And I have been REALLY slack in my exercise this round, I have hardly followed the program AT ALL, in fact I have hardly exercised AT ALL – besides my SSS workouts at the river on Saturdays and a few fun runs, I have also  been doing some work on my arms and core but I am not exercising everyday, and doing most of my workouts half assed,

So when I started to work on this first task again It got me thinking, why am I so different this round – last round I smashed out EVERY WORKOUT – EVERY DAY!!.   I started thinking that it was because the last round and this round started right after each other without a break ( this was the first time MB has done this ) and that I had’nt had a chance to “relax” between rounds!!

I started feeling overwhelmed that this new round was going to be the same, starting the day after this current round finishes, and my head just couldnt cope. I had also reached a plateau in my weight loss, it havent lost anything for the past 5 weeks and have been yoyoing between 81kg and 80.2 kgs and my mind was just ticking over and over trying to analysis everything and trying to figure out WHY…  I realised that during this round I had lost about 3kgs in 9 weeks and was so disappointed in myself. Even though just a few weeks ago I had done some updated before and now shots, I just couldnt get over the fact that I was doing so badly this time round.  ….I mean I had bought “the dress” for finale in week 4 with the hope of fitting into it by finale, and secretly hoping that having this goal to aim for and finale itself would give me the motivation to be vigilant and stick to the program 100%.
and now the dress still doesnt fit.

I realized that I have NO CHANCE of getting into it before finale,    WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!        IM NOT EXERCISING !!!     I’M EATING CRAP!!!  , IVE STOPPED LOSING WEIGHT!!! AGAIN!!!!   I’VE HAD ENOUGH!!  I’VE JUST HAD ENOUGH!!!   , I’M OVER THIS!!!  Ive been doing this for so long, I should have been at my goal weight by now ( which btw I still have NO IDEA what my goal weight is ) Ive wasted SO MUCH time, everyone else seems to handle this OK why cant I?? I’m always reading about people losing HUGE numbers each week, and I just felt deflated.

So I wrote down my excuses, Im not motivated, Im over it, I’m never going to get there, I just want to be normal, Not enough time Too tired, too hot, etc etc etc, and I left them there, just like that all excuses and NO SOLOUTIONS….. I went off to work and was talking to one of the girls who asked me about my weight loss, she said  “You look fantastic, you are doing so well, I wish I could lose weight, what is your secret? ”   HA  – my secret, I was shocked to realize that people actually though I had a secret, that I had stumbled onto some kind of new age effortless easy way to lose weight!  This had also happened a few weeks earlier when one of my colleagues commented that it was easy for me to lose weight cause I was on a program, at the time I thought it was hilarous and told him, that program or not I was still the one who was doing the work, I was the one who was making the effort, I even commented “What do you think Michele comes to my house in the morning and moves my legs for me, cooks my meals and makes me exercise” .                                                                                                                                                                                                                     So I started raving to the girl that I was chatting with that I had been doing the 12wbt and what a great program it is, I told her that I have learnt so much food and exercise wise with the program but no matter how much I have learnt it is still come down to basic NUTRITION  and HARD WORK,  If you want results you have to do the work to get them… there is no quick fix or secret just eat healthy and exercise I told her how hard it is to work it all out around doing shift work and how being organised is the key!..  I also told her it has taken me about 2years to get to this point, and that everyone here at work seems to think I have lost it quickly but I think its just because we see each other almost everyday, AND  I am now starting to wear clothes that FIT instead of my old baggy work clothes that people are stating to notice. BUT  it has taken me 2 years, and I know that in doing it slowly over time means that it is permanent and not just a quick fad, Ive worked too damn hard to get it off Its never coming back again. AHA…..LIGHTBULB…MOMENT…No1                                                                                                                                                                            

I then told her about all the support network I have from my WS facebook group and the friends I have made through the program, , and that I started it to help others realize that they are not alone and everyone goes through hard times, also to give locals a chance to meet up and make new friends who are doing the program so they have someone to talk to who “gets it”  I also mentioned that the FB group is hard work too as I organise so many events and SSS workouts each week, do shirt orders, and try to help out as many people as possible that it really takes a toll on MY TIME!!! and that I really should get some others to help me out, so I have a bit more time for myself.                                                                                                                                                          AHA….. LIGHTBULB …..MOMENT …..No2

So I got out my notebook and wrote down some solutions to my excuses. I went home and worked through it all on paper, and it is amazing the sense of relief that comes once you have got a plan in place


List your excuses and the actions you will take to prevent them from being used.


I am not motivated – I have hit a plateau and am just feeling blah – I have been on this “journey” for almost 2 years and am just feeling “over it “ I have done so well and feel like I should be finished by now I just want to be normal again.

Motivation comes and goes, that is normal, you don’t need to wake up motivated to have a motivating day…
If you cant muster up the motivation go into robot mode and JFDI remember Mish’s advice and don’t let the analysis paralysis begin – don’t let your self overthink things.
Slow and steady = life long results.
Your body needs to plateau on a regular basis to “catch up”, Just because the numbers on the scales are not moving that does not mean my body is not changing and reaping the benefits from all of my hard work and effort. Be patient, gauge your results by pictures and your I CAN DO chart.. I WILL NOT LET THE SCALES DEFINE ME.

Im never going to get there… I sometimes find myself comparing myself to others, I get a bit irriatated every now and then when I see others who have lost huge amounts in less time, I feel like ive let myself down and could have done so much more in the time ive been doing this..

GET OVER IT… Be proud of how far I have come and all that I have achieved. I know that I have made amazing changes to my lifestyle, I am fitter and healthier than
I have been in over 25years, I am teaching myself and my family that old and lifelong habits can be changed and that being healthy and proactive is a lifelong commitment.
Know that permanent results take time, the longer it the more real and permanent it is.
Celebrate my achievements more often to keep reminding myself how awesome I really am.

Its too hot / too cold / too late etc

Do a DVD inside or use the treadmill / home gym – turn on the air conditioner
Wait until it has cooled down outside

I hate running outside alone and I give up too easily

JFDI and go into robot mode – don’t let yourself start procrastinating just do it. Mix up the locations to keep it varied and interesting .
Remember your goals and what you need to do to achieve them, repeat your mantra’s over and over when you feel like stopping and walking
Remember how bad I want to do a half marathon, imagine the sense of achievement that I will have once I have completed it.
Have a set plan in place and STICK TO IT
Keep a running chart and update it EVERY RUN to keep myself fully accountable
Embrace the fact that I can run.. don’t give up just keep running.
Increase distance everytime even if only by 50mtrs.

Im too tired – I don’t have time – I do shift work and I’m too busy with the FB group and all the stuff I organise

Solution –
JFDI – I know I can do it I have done it easily in previous rounds, stay organised, and plan diarise all workouts, meals and FB time ( this is going to be hard ) around my shifts I AM DETERMINED TO PUT ME FIRST!! – get a few more members to help out with the admin side of the group. Enrol others to help out with the admin side ( done )
STOP doing so much for others.. its time to pull back and let everyone else work out there own stuff, I have done as much as I can to help others get involved its up to them now.

I feel selfish spending so much time just on me, my housework suffers, my family still refuse to eat a lot of the meals, its too hard to keep everyone happy.


DITCH THE GUILT ITS OK TO PUT ME FIRST – I AM WORTH IT, my husband and kids always put themselves first and I have never seen them worry about it the way I do.
They are old enough to fend for themselves if they don’t like what is on offer.
Get organised and have a stock of frozen healthy meals they like for them to choose from when they don’t like what is on offer. ( and for me when I don’t have time to cook ) know that vegemite sandwiches for dinner WONT KILL THEM if that’s what it comes too.
Make up a housekeeping roster and ENFORCE IT!! Don’t give in and do their chores for them… learn to live in the mess… it wont KILL ME ( it hasn’t so far )

Its too hot

Do a DVD inside or use the treadmill / home gym – turn on the air conditioner
Wait until it has cooled down outside



Make extra serves of favourite meals and freeze them for emergencies.


Use home gym / do a dvd or if all else fails go for a quick

10 -15 min run / walk to clear your head , anything is better than nothing

Next task is SET YOUR GOALS…  Im working on this one now… so watch this space




2 thoughts on “The Paralysis of Analysis

  1. Hi,
    Great job on coming up with solutions for your excuses. I initially found it hard too. You must have just finished Round 3 and I don’t know how anyone could get their head around a new round so soon. How are you feeling about kick-off tomorrow? Did you happen to make it into your finale dress? If not, you’ll make it this round!
    Just keep running!

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