50 shades of PINK ..

Before I joined the 12wbt an exciting weekend for me consisted of nothing more than simply not having to work… 

I have always enjoyed going out drinking and dancing but hubby is a homebody and prefers to stay home so an exciting weekend would have been having a few friends over, over indulging in all sorts of nibbles and alcohol and a bbq …

In the last 2 rounds of 12wbt I have developed a love and passion for fitness and fun runs… so an exciting weekend for me now is to go to a fun run with my awesome Western Sydney gals….

I have  commitment list of all of the events I would be attending and up until now I have done each and every one of them as promised..

This weekend, I had planned to do my first triathlon…. PInk Triathlon… a charity fundraiser event for breast cancer.

I registered  to do the short course… 200mtrs swimming, 3kms bike ride 1km run… months ago and was really looking forward to challenging myself.. I had put this as one of my commitments for this round of 12WBT

THEN..   a few weeks ago one of the girls from work organized a girls night out on the same weekend…   she booked a pink limo to pick us all up and drive us into the city.. .. HOW FUN !! 🙂 Ive never been in a limo before.. HOW EXCITING.. 🙂

As most of you will know I am anally organized, I pre plan EVERYTHING meals, training sessions, shopping etc.. So having 2 commitments on the same weekend was going to take some careful planning, no real dramas just need to make sure I have a plan and stick to it…  😛

At work discussing what to wear on the night out….   one of the gals keeps on at me about wearing a dress… Cmon… wear a dress.. show off that hard work…  Me – I dunno don’t really want to go out drinking and dancing in a dress, I just want to be comfortable.. I’m wearing jeans …  all the others are wearing jeans out, and casual clothes in the limo… going in style in comfort… sound good to me.. I go out and buy some size 12 skinny jeans and a nice 3/4 sleeve top.. looking good..

Plan A – Limo is coming to pick me at from home at 5pm.. easy peasy no problems plenty of time to do triathlon ( starting at 9am ) get home rest / sleep, get ready – casual comfy clothes for the lime ride  & change at the hotel into going out clothes..

hiccup no 1 – Limo needs to come earlier as the company has double booked… limo now arriving at 3pm instead

Plan B – pretty much the same as plan A but less time for rest / sleep BUT will get into city earlier.. can rest up a bit in there before heading out.. totally doable

Hiccup no 2 – 25th Oct – Email from event organizers – due to higher than expected entry numbers for triathlon, the short course event will now be moved back to 11am start time!!…  geez..

Plan C – Hmmm that is going to be cutting things really close.. need to be at the event at least 1hr before start time to pick up rego and have briefing and course instructions..  triathlon itself should only take about 1 hour at the most to complete, then another hour or so afterward to collect medal and bike pics etc  plus 30 mins each way travel  …so if I leave home at 9.30 get to homebush at 10.00 do triathlon at 11.00 finish at 12.00 leave at 1.00 home by 1.30 shower dress in casuals clothes  pick up at 3.00 .. bit close but still doable ( I think ) I’ll just rest in the limo 

Starting to have anxiety now.. I really want to do the triathlon.. but I really want to do the night out too… NOT FAIR!!

BUT hang on a sec.. they have a fun run event before the triathlon… maybe I can do that instead… that way still getting to compete in an event… still get a medal…  OK I’ll email the event coordinators and see if they will swap my registration…. 

Finally get a response on Monday… yep no probs we can swap the rego for you PHEWWW… big sigh of relief. still get to do both… anxiety gone…

Plan D – Fun run starts at 7am.. so get up at 4.30, leave home at 5.30 get to homebush at 6.00, pick up rego, meet up with others,  start run at 7.00  finish run by 8.00 leave homebush at 8.30 home by 9.00 … easy.. limo arriving at 3.00  plenty of time…

Friday – Shopping for some new clothes, find another new top that will look good with the jeans Ohh i now have options… also see  this dress.. its on sale for $25.. bargain and gorgeous, its a simple one shoulder shift dress really pretty ..  talking to the sales chic and telling her about my night out and she asks why I need a top… you should be wearing a dress… cmon you are going in a limo you cant wear jeans in a limo…. How often do you get to go in a limo…. I tell her I am really not comfortable wearing a dress while out drinking.. BUT WHAT ABOUT FOR THE LIMO RIDE… cmon.. its a LIMO.. 

She was right… I was going in a Limo for the first time.. and a HOT PINK limo at that… stuff it.. I am going to get that dress…. Now the dress is shorter than anything I have worn for more than 20years… has one bare shoulder… and did I mention SHORT…   I got the top and the dress and headed home more excited than I have been in years…..

Hubby comes home from work and I excitedly tell him about the dress, dont think he really listened he just nodded and went ” sounds good ” … Oh well…   Off to bed nice and early ready for my BIG DAY

Hiccup no 3 – MIDNIGHT!! Friday – Frantic voice message from the girl at work….. Umm limo company has changed the pick TIME and LOCATION… new time is now at 1pm at TOONGABBIE? and we need to be there by 1230 just in case it arrives early  WTF….

OMG what am I going to do… I lie in bed all night having anxiety. … a million plans running through my head…… how am I going to pull this off… I am going to be so stuffed….. why after so many weeks / months of planning was this coming up LAST MINUTE… arggghhh… why am I so fricken anal… why do I feel I have to do everything…. why cant other people be as organised as me….I have already had to change my plans and ditch the triathlon to fit in with this….  how could the bloody limo company let this happen…. how could the girl at work let this happen…. OMFG!!!

So I get up at 4am after NO SLEEP and make the decision to NOT do the fun run…  It was really hard to make… I was looking forward to it and I was quite angry that after all MY careful planning circumstances out of my control had stuffed it up….

In my head I was a failure and I was using all of the above circumstances as an excuse… time wise I would be able to scrape it in.. so there should be no excuse for me not to do it right!!  But deep down I knew I was making the right decision… It would not be doing myself any favors by pushing myself so hard… but I still felt guilty I wanted to be able to do both…

So i posted a huge rant on the FB group…. whinging about how deflated I felt… and how pissed I was about the whole thing…

As always ❤ my gals ❤ responded immediately confirming that Ii made the right decision…

It seems a bit silly but just reading their comments helped me get rid of the guilt I was feeling and put me in the right frame of mind to relax and get getting to enjoy my night out..

I spent the morning leisurely lazing around until it was time to get into that dress… OMG it is so short…

I put it on and walked out… hehehe hubbys eyes nearly popped out of his head… YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!  when did you buy that… geez.. told you he wasn’t listening…

Again anxiety setting in I cant leave the house in a dress THIS SHORT. can I …..  just cause hubby says it looks good… get him to take a pic and quick post on FB and again  <3my gals<3 to the rescue… compliments come flooding in…

Arrive at the pick up point and all the other gals are in casuals.. and here’s me… in my short sexy dress and heals.. hehehehe..  I LOVED IT…

Pink limo arrives… OMG IT WAS AMAZING …..

would love to tell you the rest… but you know what happens on a girls night out stays on a girls night out..







2 thoughts on “50 shades of PINK ..

  1. Hi Leanne,
    I love reading your updates. You are so strong and positive. Oh, and I can completely understand your frustration and anxiety of having to cancel your plans after your excellent organisation skills. I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    P.S. You certainly look amazing in your dress!

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