Praise to the McDonalds gods…..

Would you like fries with that?

No thanks but Ill have a chocolate sundae…… 😛

So tonight I had arranged to meet up for coffee with an old friend who I have not seen for at least 5 years…

I had spent the morning with my awesome fitness buddies meeting up at 8am for a river walk, then over to the coffee club for coffee and a lifestyle breakfast…. mmmm

Then home to attend to my motherly / housewifely duties… cleaning…

Forgot to take out something to cook for dinner  oops… bad mother award… again …

Luckily I have a few frozen serves of Broccoli soup ready for myself for such occasions. BUT 😦 nothing for the rest of the family… and NO they wont eat Broccoli soup!!

So I ask the question..What do you all want for dinner…. I get the usual…   I dunno!!!… Whatever!!!!

Then hubby says… just get maccas.. We havent had that for ages..

A bit of background ..I gave up McDonalds 18mnths ago and have NOT had it since – except the very occasional chocolate sundae. Family have had it a few times but usually when im not home and hubby is responsible for dinner… typical…

I dont miss it AT ALL in fact the thought of eating it makes me feel SICK. to the stomach…  except those chocolate sundaes….

I head out the door to Starbucks, have a wonderful catch up with my GF,  who is amazed at how great I look and how well I have done, I start raving about the my Western Sydney Crew & 12wbt and how wonderful the program is and how most of the challenge is in your head.. once your head is in the right place everything just seems to fall into place a little easier …. I show her my finale dress pics and tell her all my plans for Finale…

Then its time to say goodbye and to go through that drive through!!

Its 8pm and I’m really hungry but this time my head is on auto pilot and automatically starts counting the calories i had eaten today… lifestyle breakfast approx  350 cals  .2  large coffee 200 cals… 4 x crackers with ricotta and tomatoe 175… pink lady apple 75…  = 800 cals… hmm wonder what I could get from there that was 400 cals or under….

WTF!!! – I dont even like their food, Ill just stick with the sundae … wonder how many cals that is…

WTF – finale is approaching… need to fit into that dress… NO SUNDAE

Get to the boxy thing that you order from a large choc sundae is 2230 kj so around 530 cals…  OHH this could work..  SO if i have NO dinner and get a large sundae ill be just over  on calories for today…  cause you know 100 cals either way is fine right!

I place my order feeling a bit guilty and thinking of how I have just preached about my progess and the program to my friend ..

THEN the  operator says Oh Im sorry our Ice Cream Machine is BROKEN.. no sundaes….

THANK YOU McDonalds Gods…..

Went home and had my Broccoli soup with croutons… 287 cals AND  a weight watchers Pecan Sundae – 120 cals…  1207 total

YAY ME … with a little help from above









6 thoughts on “Praise to the McDonalds gods…..

  1. Wow, there is someone out there making sure you didn’t have that sundae, LOL. I do have to say that McDonalds large sundae (have to have that chocolate fudge on the bottom and the top). I haven’t had one in years, I do remember the last one, it was three years ago, well 3 years and 2 months! (I remember because it was my son’s birthday, LOL).

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