Addicted to 12wbt…

Ok so as you know I’m doing the Michelle Bridges 12WBT….

Its currently round 3 week 6… half way…. and I have been tossing up whether or not to do the 4th round this year……

It has been driving me NUTS!!

I have even been dreaming about it……  weird dreams….. In one of them I was walking along a beach in a bikini  with a pluto pup ( which i dont even like ) in one hand and a cornetto ice cream ( which I DO like )  in the other 😛 and my whole Western Sydney Crew and Michelle Bridges were jogging towards me.. then straight past me….. and I couldnt keep up…… I just sat down on the sand and ate my pluto pup and cornetto…  😦

Weird shit…  now I know that I am strong and focused and could probably continue with my weight loss without the program and I know my awesome WS crew will be there for either way … but the constant nagging and debating in my head has been driving me insane….AND

I LOVE the program … l LOVE the support and I LOVE not having to think… I LOVE having it all laid out for me.. all I have to do is log in and follow the instructions….

And Im truly OCD…. I need to be organized… or I feel all out of whack…

SO ive bitten the bullet and taken the plunge again… Ive recommitted and I’ve signed up for round 4….

Now I can breathe again… and relax… the next 18 weeks of my life is PLANNED!!

I have become addicted to the 12wbt family and way of life 🙂

LIFE IS GOOD …. and organized… just the way I like it.


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