OMG I can run 1km… who is this person

Ok so there are so many other things i really wanted to blog about before this  but I am just so damned excited and proud I had to get it out

This morning I did my fitness test for the end of Round 2 and the beginning of Round 3 for the MB 12wbt

Long story short being the totally anal control freak that I am I organised a group event,you know just a small gathering of fellow 12wbters… for a 7km walk the fitness test and coffee afterwards.

The morning was a HUGE success, we had around 30 people turn up for the walk at 6am a few of the regulars and lots of newbies.

After the walk we got stuck into the fitness test, Now I have always dreaded the 1km run part of the test, and even now im into my 4th round I have NEVER EVER run the full 1km, always get about 1/2 way give up then walk the rest,

When I first joined the 12wbt in August 2012 my 1km time was 12.30sec..

In round 1 ( feb 2012 ) my 1km time was – 10.25

I have always believed I could not run… I never really liked running, its hard and your legs hurt, you cant breath, blah blah blah

Well guess what…..




Today i did my 1km in 6.29secs… WOO HOO!..

So what has changed… well firstly,after comitting fully to round 2 I am fitter that i have ever been,

BUT the most significant change for me has been my beautiful friend Kyleanne, she refused to allow me to continue with my ” I cant run” ranting, and has been helping me over the past 6 weeks, I have learnt more from Kyleanne  over the past few months than I have from 3 rounds of the program, She believes in me, and she has encouraged me to keep pushing, I cant express how grateful and lucky I am to have such a lovely person come into my life.

If it was not for her I would have been content to continue plodding along, dont get me wrong I love exercising but I never had a desire to want to run.. we are now planning on doing the Canberra 1/2 marathon next year GULP..

I thought i was happy with my life and the way things were  before starting my “journey”  I was happy with my small group of friends and the limited social events we would attend.

But I have met so many wonderful people doing this program and am so grateful for each and everyone of them.

My life has turned completely around, my weekends are now booked with fitness and fun of course yummy food afterwoods

Its one thing to be determined and passionate  but to share that passion with friends is priceless!!

Oh and while im here the rest of my fitness test results are

WALL SIT – 1:50

SIT & REACH + 9 ( redid this at home  – the ground at the park was a bit dodgy )

PUSH UPS – ON TOES – 15  ON KNEES 31 = 46 total

AB STRENGTH – level 3 ( sigh still…. but doing the mean abs challenge so hopefully lvl 5 in 4 weeks )

cant believe im saying this but BRING ON TOMORROWS 4km FUN RUN…..

3 thoughts on “OMG I can run 1km… who is this person

  1. Loved reading and feeling your excitement – seeing you do this makes me think that just maybe I will able to one day (don’t let Kyleanne know lol).

    Really enjoyed this morning and looking forward to joining you all for SSS (gulp – did I really say that out loud lol)

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